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DiRT saw its founding in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and focused efforts on the recovery effort in that area for roughly three years.  Read on to find out how we impacted the people of southern Mississippi.

Hurricane Katrina took a direct hit on the area around Bay St. Louis, Mississippi in August of 2005. Families struggled to get into permanent housing. Many of them didnít receive access to government funding until late in 2008, and were finally able to move forward. Unfortunately, the volunteer base was much smaller by then, as so many outside the area mistakenly assumed that everything certainly should have returned to "normal" by then. Quite simply, it hadn't.  DiRT was able to step in and help fill the gap.

Our efforts go beyond just rebuilding homes.
We build relationships with the people of areas affected by disasters.  By giving our time, effort and financial support we help return lives back to a true sense of normalcy around some basic fundamental needs that we take for granted. We all have so much, and it is such a blessing for us to give a few days of our time to benefit someone else and meet these needs.

Through the work of the DiRT Ministry, we are helping put lives back together. And it's not just the lives of those we assist who are impacted in a positive way ... it's those who choose to participate as well! Many people have gone with us on past trips having no construction skills whatsoever, but were a huge help. (And they learned at least one new skill ... another goal of the DiRT Ministry!)


Your tax-deductible donations go toward scholarships, tooling and materials.

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