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Here they are ... some of the most frequently asked questions.  Is your question not in the list?  Then Contact Us and ask YOUR question!

NOTE:  The information below is based on previous DiRT activity in the Gulf Coast area. We are working to provide updated information once we establish connections in the northeast, although we expect the information to be somewhat similar, other than the region specific info.

Q: What will we be doing?
A: We will be working on remodeling and new construction projects in association with local mission organizations in the Bay St. Louis/Waveland area. Tasks may include framing, sheetrock, painting, roofing, electrical, plumbing, etc. We can teach you even if you have no prior experience.

Q: Where will we stay?
A: Typically, we stay in a beach house with multiple rooms; in some cases, we partner with a local hotel (2 people per room).

Q: What will we eat?
A: Grasshoppers and worms...just kidding! In most cases, we stay in a house and cook for ourselves.  Even if we eat out or with a local church, the meals are part of your fee.

Q: When is my money due?
A: The $100 deposit needs to get to Todd roughly 3-4 weeks prior to the trip you are going on. The remaining $200 of the $300 trip fee needs to be given to Todd by the time we leave on the trip. If you donate in the form of a check (preferred), please make the check out to ‘DiRT Ministry’. This will ensure that your gift will be tax deductible. If you can’t write a check, make sure that your gift is somehow flagged for DiRT Ministry.

Q: What does the money go for?
A: The $300 fee covers your lodging, the daily meal plan, drinks during the work days, meals during travel and a gas allowance for the people that will be driving down there. Unless you need something from Wal-Mart or plan an excursion one evening on your own, you shouldn't need any spending money while on the trip.

Q: How many people usually go?
A: The more the merrier. We typically take 8-15 people, but there are no limits as to how many can go.

Q: When will we leave / get back?
A: We typically leave on Wednesday at various times during the day and drive down to MS. The trip takes about 7 hours. The plan is to work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning.  We are usually back by 10pm Saturday night. The summer trip offers a weeklong opportunity (slightly higher cost) or the option of the typical partial week ( either the beginning or the end of the week).

Q: What should I wear?
A: For the better part, work clothes. Local weather can be found at (Zip-39520). The homes we will work in are typically not climate controlled yet. Any outside work could include a breeze. Dress according to your comfort level.

Q: What can I expect from this trip?
A: You will form bonds during this trip that you will treasure forever. You will be a part of something much bigger than just you! You will see first hand how God can use you in a greater capacity than you imagined! And you will have a great time from dawn ‘til dusk! It is an exciting opportunity for anyone who is willing to let God work through them.

Q: What if I haven’t done construction work before? What if I don’t know anyone that is going? What if I have never been on a mission trip?
What if? What if? What if?
A: What if you let go and let God? What if you asked God to use you in whatever capacity HE sees fit? What if you didn’t worry about the little details? What if you just said, “YES!” What if you get back and have an awesome story to share with your co-workers? What if you have the experience of a lifetime? What if someone comes to know Jesus as their Savior because of your influence or impact in their life? What if?



Your tax-deductible donations go toward scholarships, tooling and materials.

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