A Challenging Day…

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Today was a very challenging day. After an early start on a roofing job, and with a second crew going to town painting a house, things were rolling along fairly smoothly…until the clouds started rolling in. Once the rain started around lunchtime, the roofing job was put on hold. Since the painting crew was done, we ended up with 20+ people needing something to do.

It took about an hour to figure out how we could distribute people, but we were able to successfully distribute folks to 3 job sites. As usual, God took care of things, but it is always challenging when you have a group of very capable people standing around waiting for things to happen. I was blessed by the fact that everyone took it in stride and recognized that it is part of the program. Things change, rain happens, material deliveries get delayed, and you never know what to expect. By the end of the day, much was accomplished and we had a great dinner, as usual.

This trip has been really exciting! To have a mixed group of couples and individuals, and to see how everyone interacts, helps out, and supports one another encourages me as we continue to grow the ministry. It has been a great example of the fact that men, women and children are able to be used effectively in the disaster rebuild process. Having two dedicated cooks has blessed me, not only in having great meals, but in not having to deal with the day to day requirements of food planning. Splitting the team up at different worksites has been a breeze with the help of our “catering” team.

I am in need of sleep, as usual, so I will head off to bed. Please pray for the continued safety of the team and for traveling mercies tomorrow as we go back to our respective home towns. Also, please be in prayer for many people involved with local disaster relief ministries, as they are challenged with funding issues and people’s jobs are at stake. Pray that God will use us in a mighty way as we complete this trip and look towards planning the upcoming September and November trips.

Continuing His work,

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