Give a Family a Home for Christmas!

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WOW! I just spoke with our contact in Mississippi and I am excited about the opportunity we have! I will tell you more about it in a sec….

For those wondering, “What happened to DiRT?”, I must share that God has been doing some amazing things in my professional life and I have been spread thin for the past few months. The September trip had to be put-off because of low turn-out, but we are poised for an awesome trip in November! Now on to the task before us…

Rick (from MS) shared with me that we may be able to help complete as may as 4-5 projects that will allow people to have their home back for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays! Can you imagine a better gift? (well, other than Jesus, perhaps?) I cannot wait to get back down there, and based on the people that have told me, “I’ll go in November,” we could have better than 15-20 people on this trip.

Invite a friend; take a spouse; bring a neighbor, a co-worker, ANYONE….and let’s help change someone’s life for the better!

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! I can’t imagine how awesome this trip could be….and I thought the July trip was spectacular….I can’t wait…I have to go take my medication….JOIN US….and see how you can bless others with your time and talent (or lack thereof — we DO offer training).

Upcoming Trip: November 10-13 (travel early or late on Wednesday and come back Saturday OR SUNDAY).
More info, email:

Take care, Todd

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