A Couple’s Trip – What a great idea!

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What a great week! No offense to anyone that has been on a DiRT Trip, but I think I enjoyed this trip as much as any I have been on. This trip included several couples from Liberty Baptist in Chelsea, AL, and it added a whole new dimension to our time together.

As I sat and watched husband and wife teams working together on new projects, learning new skills, building each other up, and just relaxing in the evenings, I was amazed at what a different and encouraging experience it was. There was laughter from dawn ’til dusk, and it helped everyone forget the fact that it was 104 degrees with 130% humidity.

The challenge of having a 25 person team was quickly overcome as people stepped up to lead and were willing to do anything that was asked of them. Everyone came with a servant’s heart and as a result, God was able to use the team to accomplish more than I imagined possible, and we were an encouragement to everyone we came into contact with.

In the end, we helped frame and roof a house, we braced two houses, we painted a fourth house and installed cabinets, along with installing some moulding. We also found out that there are still about 600 open cases in the Hancock County area alone. This means there is still plenty to be done to help get people back in their homes.

I want to offer a special thank you to everyone at Liberty that was involved with coordinating the trip, to Angela and Pandi for keeping us fed…WELL, I might add, to David for his help in coordinating work, and to everyone else for making themselves available. And thanks to Erin for showing us that women CAN be just as effective as men (or more effective, eh?). I guess I should add that Misty will take care of anyone that gets out of line….

My hopes are that we will have more trips like this in the future, and again, thanks to the Liberty gang for making this trip fun, effective, and encouraging.

And for those of you that have been on a DiRT trip, it was nice to actually rinse the soap off this morning!

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