New Sponsor Added to our Plus10 Program – Party America!

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Party America, Cobb Pkwy near Target, Acworth, GA

Party America has joined our list of sponsors! The location we are currently working with is on Cobb Pkwy in Acworth, GA, in the Target Plaza. When you make a purchase, mention DiRT Ministry at the counter and they will track our purchases. Every quarter, we get a check back from them for a percentage of our totals.

What a great way to support DiRT — Simply shop with our sponsors for things you already buy!

Chili’s Flyer for June 22

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Time to do it again! Print this flyer and take it with you, and Chili’s will donate 10% of your bill to the DiRT Ministry! Pepper in some fun on Tuesday, June 22nd from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. at your local Chili’s!  See the flyer for participating restaurants.

Click here to open the flyer.

Chili’s Flyer for DiRT Ministry

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The first Chili’s DiRT Ministry Night flyer is here! Print this flyer and take it with you, and Chili’s will donate 10% of your bill to the DiRT Ministry! Pepper in some fun on Tuesday, June 8th from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. at your favorite Chili’s!

Chili’s Flyer – June 8th

DiRT Dining Card – Get Yours FREE!

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Within the next week or so, we will print our new DiRT Dining Card. The purpose of this card is to encourage DiRT supporters to eat at restaurants that help support our Cause. Each of the restaurants listed on the card have agreed to give a percentage back to DiRT Ministry based on your purchase. In many cases, they will donate 10% of your total bill to DiRT!

If you have a favorite place to eat, feel free to ask the Manager if they would like to participate and send their contact info to

You will find more info about this new program on this website within the next few days, and we hope to have a card you can download and print from the website. Check back soon for more info and check regularly to see when we add restaurants.

Thanks, and don’t forget the upcoming DiRT Banquet on June 26th!

Chili’s is Being Added to our list of Sponsors

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Acworth, Towne Lake, Town Center & West Cobb locations

We are currently working with Chili’s (Barrett Pkwy, Hwy 41 in Acworth, Town Lake Pkwy locations) to setup events that will provide financial support for DiRT. We will have 1-2 nights each month that are designated as DiRT nights. All you have to do is print the flyer you will find on the DiRT website, take it in and present it to your server, and DiRT will get 10% of the amount of your bill. What an awesome way to support a great Cause…many of us eat there already!

Send Us Ideas for Your Favorite Restaurants!

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In an effort to increase sponsorship and raise funding for DiRT, we have been adding restaurants to our list of Sponsors. With most restaurants, they have agreed to give us 10% of the total check, and they save receipts for us and cut us a check periodically. Our goal is to send them business and in return, they help support our Cause. Their donations are tax deductible and they don’t give anything unless we help generate business for them. It’s a win-win.

If you have ideas of restaurants that might be interested in getting in on this, let us know. We will be printing a wallet card in late May, 2010, and will list the restaurants that have agreed to support us. Act quick so we can add them to our card.

Additionally, though the initial push is for restaurants, other retail outlets may be willing to be a sponsor, too. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Contact Todd Hanlin at 770-851-4928 or email to if you have ideas or questions!

Updated Sponsors – BBQ Street

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Cherokee St and Jiles Road location

We have a new sponsor and partner in Kennesaw, GA. If you mention DiRT when you pay your bill at the BBQ Street location in Kennesaw, GA, they will donate 10% of your bill to DiRT. As you know, every little bit helps.

Make sure you do what you can to support our partners and tell your friends about the opportunity to help DiRT as well!

Support DiRT by eating at Johnny’s Pizza and Shane’s Rib Shack!

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You can now support DiRT by simply eating at some of your favorite restaurants. The Johnny’s Pizza on Cherokee Street in Kennesaw, GA, and the Shane’s Rib Shack on Reinhardt Parkway in Canton, GA, are helping sponsor DiRT! 

Reinhardt Parkway, Canton, GA location only

Cherokee Street, Kennesaw, GA location only

All you have to do is mention DiRT Ministry when you pay for your food and they will keep a copy of your receipt and donate 10% of your purchase to DiRT! How easy is that?!? 

We are always looking for additional sponsors. Check with your favorite restaurants and see if they would like to participate. All donations are tax deductible.