DiRT is Active Again! Hurricane Sandy Rebuild Trip March 6-9

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The past two years have been challenging regarding schedules due to career changes. With a more permanent plan in place now, I am gearing up to begin taking regular DiRT trips again, and to growing the ministry such that others might choose to step up and lead a trip using our resources and contacts.

The next trip, March 6-9, leaving from Acworth, GA, will be targeting a project near Atlantic City, NJ, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Please consider joining us, or contact Todd at 770-851-4928 or by email at todd@dirtministry.com with any questions.

DiRT hosts Wildwood International Cafe in April

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For the month of April, DiRT will be hosting the International Cafe at Wildwood Baptist in Acworth, GA. All proceeds from the sales each Sunday morning go directly to DiRT. If you would like to bake, purchase, or otherwise provide something that could be offered on Sunday mornings in the Cafe, please contact Todd Hanlin at 770-851-4928 to let him know. If you can help host the Cafe on any Sunday in April, that would also be a blessing.

This is just another opportunity to serve others as we continue to promote the DiRT name and grow our ministry and outreach!

Take care, and don’t forget the upcoming April trip!

DiRT Trip – April 27-30

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For those of you that have been ‘planning’ on going to Mississippi with us, this is probably your last chance. After the upcoming trip in April, we will probably move to another location, as much of the work that needed to be done in Bay St. Louis is complete. We are considering Nashville, to help flood victims, but we are open to where God leads us.

If you have never been on a DiRT trip, please consider joining us this April. Let’s make this last trip as impactful as we can, and bless as many folks as possible! All it takes is a couple days of your time and a couple hundred dollars, which is usually pretty easy to raise through donations.

I hope to see you in April!

Join Us for the Last MS trip!

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With a job change, and the loss of my dad, the schedule has been a bit crazy. Now it’s time once again to kick into gear with respect to the DiRT trips. We have one last opportunity to serve in the Bay St. Louis, MS area, still helping with Hurricane Katrina damage. We believe that God may be leading us to the Nashville area next, depending on what else happens between now and then. Who knows, we may be packing for Japan!

If you have ever considered going on a short trip with us, this would be a great opportunity to see what we are all about. For about $300 and a couple days off work, we can accomplish much towards getting a family back in their home. Last year’s couples trip was a huge success, and our November trip was very successful as well. We are excited about what God can accomplish through this ministry and would love to see some new faces on our team.

Please consider joining us and giving just a little of your time to help others. Raising the money to go is also very easy; many people can simply put a message on Facebook and get more than enough very quickly. Some employers will also help. In any case, it is all tax deductible.

Give it some thought! Join us this Spring! Let’s impact some people’s lives in a positive manner!

Take care, Todd

1st Annual Banquet a Success! Who Do YOU Know?

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I can’t begin to explain how excited I am about our DiRT Banquet! We had families from our host church, Wildwood Baptist, families from other churches, and even missions leaders from other area churches!

After an awesome dinner from Johnny’s (a delectable Baked Ziti and Chicken Alfredo) and a cavalcade of desserts, we settled in for the state of the DiRT nation address and some games and prizes.

I am sorry to report that one particular table (that shall remain nameless) tried their best to sweep the awards and left with at least DiRT T-shirts and Home Depot Gift Cards. Additionally, there were other prizes and $200 in scholarships awarded to winners throughout the evening. I must say, the teamwork in the PVC battle was pretty amazing.

…and “Yes,” Larry, there should be a prize for best aligned screws.

Our plan is to have a DiRT event in October at the home of Todd Hanlin, founder of DiRT Ministry. The goal is simple:
Bring at least one person that you could share DiRT with.

Think about people in your circle of influence: co-workers, church friends, family, high school friends, neighbors, etc. …WHO DO YOU KNOW?

Invite them for a fun night of food and fellowship! Watch this blog for more details!

By the way, I would like to thank the people that helped with the Banquet and allowed it to be so successful. A special thanks to Marc Holton, who worked especially hard to make it happen!

DiRT Banquet this Saturday night at 6:30!

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If you haven’t confirmed your attendance for the 1st Annual DiRT Celebration Banquet, you have to call Todd directly TODAY to be sure there will be food for you and your guest(s). For those of you that are signed up, we are going to have a blast! Johnny’s Pizza will be providing the food, and they continue to be one of our best supporters.

Some of you have committed to come, but are planning to pay at the door. Make sure you bring $10/ticket or we may have to get our bouncers involved! We will begin dinner promptly at 6:30, so don’t be late.

Dress will be casual and you should plan to have fun! God is doing some awesome things in the life of DiRT and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Take care,

Chili’s Flyer for June 22

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Time to do it again! Print this flyer and take it with you, and Chili’s will donate 10% of your bill to the DiRT Ministry! Pepper in some fun on Tuesday, June 22nd from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. at your local Chili’s!  See the flyer for participating restaurants.

Click here to open the flyer.

Last Chance to Signup for DiRT Banquet!

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The 1st Annual DiRT Celebration Banquet is quickly approaching! On Saturday, June 26th, at 6:30pm, we will have an awesome dinner at Wildwood Baptist Church in Acworth, GA. This event will include a catered meal, games, prizes and an opportunity to hear a brief overview of how God has been using DiRT over the past 3 years and what we expect God to do with the Ministry in the next few years.

Please take this opportunity to invite someone that might have an interest in DiRT in order for us to expand into new circles of influence.

Questions may be directed to Todd Hanlin at todd@dirtministry.com or by calling 678-379-DiRT. Reservations for the banquet are required by the 20th and can be made through Todd as well.

Chili’s Flyer for DiRT Ministry

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The first Chili’s DiRT Ministry Night flyer is here! Print this flyer and take it with you, and Chili’s will donate 10% of your bill to the DiRT Ministry! Pepper in some fun on Tuesday, June 8th from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. at your favorite Chili’s!

Chili’s Flyer – June 8th

DiRT Dining Card – Get Yours FREE!

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Within the next week or so, we will print our new DiRT Dining Card. The purpose of this card is to encourage DiRT supporters to eat at restaurants that help support our Cause. Each of the restaurants listed on the card have agreed to give a percentage back to DiRT Ministry based on your purchase. In many cases, they will donate 10% of your total bill to DiRT!

If you have a favorite place to eat, feel free to ask the Manager if they would like to participate and send their contact info to info@dirtministry.com.

You will find more info about this new program on this website within the next few days, and we hope to have a card you can download and print from the website. Check back soon for more info and check regularly to see when we add restaurants.

Thanks, and don’t forget the upcoming DiRT Banquet on June 26th!

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