First Day is a Huge Success!

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Well…everyone got here safe…and once we settled in, we took a look at what we needed to accomplish on our first house. With many doors to hang, and much trim to install, we set out yesterday morning to see what we could do. It didn’t take long to see that we were moving much quicker than I expected. By lunch time, doors were installed, a vanity cabinet and medicine cabinet were in, and we were off to buy kitchen cabinets. By the end of the day, half of the cabinets were in and the vent hood was wired up and working.

Today, we will be finishing cabinets and installing soffit on the exterior of the house. Check back tonight for more info on our progress…

Please continue to pray for the safety of the team and for the family we are helping.

What could we do with 20 people?

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The July 2010 Team

After my first couple of trips to Mississippi, I found that I started getting concerned when I didn’t have “enough” people signed up for the trips. In my mind, anything less than 10-15 people seemed inadequate. What God has taught me over the past 3 years is that HE is more than enough. HE and I can accomplish anything that HE wants done…as long as I am willing. Time and time again, HE has sent the right people, and the right number of people, whether the team is large OR small. I stand amazed.

What an Awesome Start!

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We have completed the first of the three days and what an awesome start it was! Expecting to have our team mostly on one site, we were almost immediately split into three teams on three sites. Although logistics were a bit of a challenge, everyone was in great spirits and we sent one team to frame a roof, a second to brace a flooring system in a house, and a third to do sheetrock and painting work.

By afternoon, our awesome hostesses/meal planners/gophers/caterers/painters/all-around take care of the detail”ers” had everyone fed and were on to help at the painting house. The Backyard Bible Team joined them and got the interior of the house painted while the other two teams finished their tasks.

By the end of the day, everyone was tired, but hanging in there, and about 60% of the roof decking was complete. In about 5 1/2 hours we will go at it again, in hopes of finishing all the sheathing and roof decking in the morning. The painting crew will get another coat on the Long Beach house, in order that we can install the kitchen cabinets in the afternoon.

The BBQ was very tasty tonight, everyone is still in the game, and it is awesome to see how everyone is willing to chip in, help and encourage one another.

I can’t wait to see how much we get accomplished today!

The Team is HERE!

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After travel from the 4 corners of the Southeastern universe, commonly known as Birmingham and Atlanta, the largest DiRT Team to grace the sands of Bay St. Louis, MS, has arrived and settled in for the next few days. 25 people from Liberty Baptist (Chelsea, AL), Wildwood Baptist (Acworth, GA), Woodstock Baptist (Woodstock, GA) and Calhoun United Methodist (Calhoun, GA) have taken residence in 4 houses for the remainder of the week to help in the rebuild process on the Gulf Coast.

Yes, there is still work to be done from Hurricane Katrina.
Yes, there is a need for more volunteers.
Yes, there is need for donations of materials or money for materials.
Yes, the volunteer pool has dwindled to a challenging level.
Yes, DiRT is continuing to be a regular contributor to the rebuild effort.

We will begin on Thursday morning with a construction team and a Backyard Bible Team. Part of the Liberty Baptist group will be meeting with families in a local apartment complex to share the love of Jesus in a VBS style format. The remainder of the team will be working on several projects in an effort to complete a couple of homes and move other projects forward.

Specifically, we have already helped frame a house, including the trusses, and we hope to get the roof installed before we leave on Saturday.

Please pray for the continued safety of the team, both on jobsites and in travel, and pray for the hearts of the people we will meet on jobsites and in the bible club to be open to what God has to say through our words and our actions.

As the DiRT continues to grow, God shows us new and exciting ways to be the hands and feet of Christ! Stay tuned for daily updates regarding the trip progress!